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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pumpkins

.....All across this country there are thousands and thousands of households that are guilty of the most heinous crime: Pumpkin Mutilation.

.....Pumpkins who have been subjected to any of these procedures should be treated with understanding and compassion, not left outside in the cold and rain subject to being physically assaulted by local ruffians. These procedures are being performed on Pumpkins as young as six months old. At this age Pumpkins are incapable of making independent decisions about their life. This is a tradition that is being forced on Pumpkins who don't even understand what tradition is yet.

.....Pumpkins are experiencing this unnecessary painful procedure all in the name of tradition. This procedure is part of Western culture. The practice is defended on one main account, because it is a religious tradition. Yet, in reality this tradition is not based on any religious literature or history. In fact, the truth is that the original Jack O' Lantern was a hollow turnip, not a Pumpkin at all.

.....If the physical and mental effects are not devastating enough, the conditions that this surgical operation occur under are enough to make anyone cringe. Many families are not technologically advanced in the medical area and this is a serious problem when it comes to Pumpkin Mutilation. The harsh reality is that the people who perform this procedure on thousands of Pumpkins each year are not medically trained. These play doctors use whatever is available to perform this surgery. If that means using a broken bottle, spear, razor blade, or even a rusty kitchen knife, then so be it. On top of that these play doctors aren't even cleaning their tools effectively.

.....The ugly truth is that Pumpkins are being mutilated for commercial ends with no thought, whatsoever, to the welfare of the Pumpkins. There are rituals that denote and strengthen the end of summer festivals in our culture and society that do not involve pain and permanent physical damage to the innocent Pumpkins.

.....Pumpkin Mutilation is practiced because of wrong ideologies and misunderstood myths that are fueled by a lack of education for a majority of the American population. How can one interfere with something as sacred as a tradition? Once a tradition is established it is up to the members of that society to keep it alive. Traditions should be based on quality beliefs not on the confusion of the New World Pumpkin with a practice which originally targeted the lowly Turnip!

.....This tradition is out-dated and is completely based on ancient false ideologies. This tradition has no religious history involved; therefore, it is not sacred or necessary for preserving of our cultural heritage. Where does society and the individual draw the line in deciding what is a sacred tradition and what is down right morally wrong?

.....Stop Pumpkin Mutilation Now!


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