88May26 From SANDY BERRY

In The GREAT Twit War, Maha Kali, with her garland of skulls, shall dance & prance on your passwords, and dripping blood from her lips: spit on the reserve memory space of your main memory. And Shiva, the lord of dissolution, shall loose a pestilence of bugs for your operating system, for those of a thousand names will find themselves nameless and mute. No heroic Arjuna to the rescue. No Vishnu to preserve your locked files. Only the .....ZOMBIE BOARD dead screen..........remember: THERE is NO Santa Claus. Reagan Colors his hair with Grecian Formula. And the postage rates have gone UP. In a world like this: WHAT's in a NAME?







John Griogair Bell - Arlecchino Malbenvolio

“Clown with a Bad Attitude”

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