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John Griogair Bell

{ [email protected] }


I will develop an occupation in a decision-making position where I can provide my existing knowledge and skills toward creative and interesting ventures while continuing to develop new skills by successfully meeting new challenges.


I am an individual with strong skills, in leadership and decision-making, and a proven history of problem solving and development of information policy in highly technical positions.


I have an extended knowledge of computer systems, networking and applications.

— Team Manager, including a highly-technical environment for a large regional Internet Service Provider. (5+ years)

— Experience as System Administrator, Telecommunications Manager and Intranet/Extranet Webmaster as a consultant and at large regional Internet Service Providers. (5+ years)

— On-going Third Tier Support and direct support in call center environments for several businesses, including a large software company in Redmond, Washington. (7+ years)

— Responsibility for training others in technical areas such as Internetworking, including core knowledge and more advanced topics. (7+ years)

— Program conceptualization, design and development. Filemaker Pro / Lasso. (1 year) MySQL / PHP (4+ years) Shell and PERL scripting for CGI and system administration. (10+ years)

— Daily familiarity with multi-platform environments that include systems such as UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms. (10+ years)

I have shown outstanding ability with people and multiple tasks without losing sight of completion.

— I have a proven history of working in positions that are based on intense and effective communication such as being directly responsible for both Customer and Press interaction.

— I have worked in leadership roles on various retail, corporate and blue-collar sites.

— I have been instrumental in the development and application of efficient and careful policy.

— I have a background in many activities that demand high levels of concise and skilled communication including Forensics, Theatre, Philosophy and the Sciences.

— I have the skills to quickly find creative and effective solutions to a vast number of tasks.

I bring my own high standards of quality and efficiency to all the work that I accomplish.

— My personal goal in any work environment is to provide quick, cost-effective service and to constantly improve my team and myself.