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John Griogair Bell

{ [email protected] }

Current Work Experience

The Center for Creative Change at Antioch University Seattle - April '04 through March '05.

I was a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Creative Change for 1 year. I created tools for the Center to communicate to itself and the graduate students in the four Master degree programs about the Center. I developed a web-based tool to display and manage information important to the Center. I also re-designed one of the Center's primary outcomes assessment tools, a graduate exit survey and interview. This position was related to my Masters degree work.

Learning Access Institute, a non-profit corporation - May '02 through Dec '04.

As Manager of System Development, I was involved in the development process from conceptualization to release. My focus with the Learning Access Institute was to develop systems which enable and enrich the connection between information and community. This position included aspects of program and project management, research and development, as well as a great deal of hands on development to create the systems. This position also included interaction with end-users and organizations, including on-site meetings and support; and involvement in the development of grant proposals for future projects.

Building on my experience in creating library automation and MARC management tools, I worked with the Learning Access Institute to continue the development of existing tools and to create new tools using the technology we've created. The library automation system is under continuing development and is part of a real world pilot program as we enhance and release the program. Using the MARC management tools that have been part of the automation system, I leveraged my existing tools into comprehensive community information systems. These include an archive for digital resources, such as pictures and electronic documents; genealogical tools for research and display; a community information directory; and other projects intended to increase the access to robust technology in rural and under-served communities.

Technology Resource Foundation, a non-profit corporation - Oct. '00 through Sept. '01.

I was hired as a full-time programmer, to develop what became the OpenBook open source project, by the Technology Resource Foundation. OpenBook was a web-based library automation system that includes advanced features such as z39.50 server and client, circulation and administration. It could be used to manage all five MARC formats, including Bibliographic, Authority and Community records.

Duties I performed while working on this project include creating the OpenBook database schema which includes support for the MARC record formats, managing the database including diagnostic and efficiency work. I developed the program frameworks and reference implementations, was responsible for all programming during the first 8 months, was a resource and coordinator for the additional programmers that joined the team, continued development of the universal MARC edit and search tools, continued development of the OPAC interface, and continued development of the library homepage tools. I was responsible for aspects of project management and support including future project directions, developing project vision and collateral information, being a liaison for OpenBook with 3rd parties and users including at trade shows, acting as technical and installation support and training for beta testers.

Telisphere Communications, LLC - Oct. '98 through Jun. '00.

I worked with Telisphere as System Administrator and Helpdesk Manager. As System Administrator, I developed and maintained servers and services, such as web, mail and news. In my capacity as Helpdesk Manager, I led a team of combined sales and technical support staff, which included responsibility for staffing, training and internal support.

I had many responsibilities outside the scope of my job titles from which I will highlight some examples. I also acted as a Network Administrator, dealing with infrastructure issues of telecommunications and Internetworking. I developed many of Telisphere's internal and public documents and procedures, including a complete organizational chart with job descriptions for Systems and Helpdesk. My tasks included a complete re-implementation of the public website and a highly functional internal site. Research & Development of new products, from conceptualization to release, has been my responsibility, including the determination of the policy for evaluation and implementation. I've provided technical sales support for Telisphere's business customers. I was instrumental in the determination of pricing and products provided by Telisphere. Further, I've represented Telisphere in press interviews.

Seanet Corporation - Oct. '95 through Sept. '98.

My position at Seanet was as System Administrator and Telecommunication Manager. I was responsible for a variety of roles: DNS Administration which included managing IP assignment and allocation; Website Administration on both internal and external services. I even was responsible for the Abuse contact, which was a role that I developed and implemented. I created many tools for use by myself and for the rest of the staff to configure, and collect information about, services that Seanet provided. All of these roles involved not only system support, but policy and procedure development and implementation for the entire company.

My complete duties were even more diverse. I also provided support and training for the 2nd level support staff, developed and implemented the Intranet web site, and took sole responsibility for moderating Seanet's internal customer newsgroups. I developed many of Seanet's documents and procedures especially on, but not limited to, technical issues. I made on-site technical support calls for Seanet's corporate customers and assisted as a technical sales resource. Further, I represented Seanet in many forums: talk radio shows; interviews with television, radio, and print news media; trade shows and conventions.

General Employment at Microsoft - Oct. '94 through Aug. '95.

I worked with General Employment on-site in Redmond with Microsoft on a 6-month contract. I was asked by Microsoft to extend my contract for a full year. During these 12 months, I was a Customer Service Representative 1 for Personal Operating Systems and Desktop Applications support and, for the last 8 months, a 24x7 Customer Service Representative 2 supporting all Priority and Premier level customers including Microsoft's Developer and Corporate business.

Due to my outstanding performance, even from the first week, I trained a new employee every week. This was a responsibility normally reserved for direct Microsoft employees. I became a great resource to every team of which I was a member, including a Quality Circle project in which I was a group leader.

Natural Wonders - May '91 through Feb. '94.

Natural Wonders Inc. employed me at their Westlake Center store in Seattle. I started in May '91, when the store first opened, as a Sales Associate. In Aug '91, I was promoted to Crew Supervisor, an entry-level management position. Beginning in Oct '92 through Dec '92 and again Oct '93 through Feb '94, I took a seasonal promotion to Night Crew Manager.

In addition to my standard projects, I developed a POS SKU information sheet, developed and implemented a standard Shipment Log, took a major role in the training of new hires and new management staff, and joined in the responsibility for managerial duties such as scheduling.