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Anubis (aka The Begatter)

I developed a php-based tool to help me display genealogical information about my family. Currenly, it is only the code to display the information which is stored in a MySQL database. I have to manually enter the data directly the MySQL, since I have not written the UI to manage the records. It's a presentation scaffold, not a full application.

The code handles several views which include a individual and pedigree views. Also there is a synchronoptic view, which I developed from a suggestion from one of my friends which creates images on the fly to represent timelines. The images are generated in PNG format using the GD library. It's possible that IE still can't display PNG images, so I really should use JPG instead. The synchronoptic view pulls world events from a database table, and then compares those events to the life span of the individual.

The tool also supports attaching graphics and notes to records in a many to many relationship, so that each note or picture could be linked to any or all of the individuals.

Eventually, the code may support importing GEDCOM files, so that one can just export from an existing genealogy program. I use a DB design that is not difficult to transform into GEDCOM. Primarily however, if I were going to work on it more I would work on developing a way for MARC Community records to be used for the places, individuals and events.


McAdams Family


Example of the tool in use






John Griogair Bell - Arlecchino Malbenvolio

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