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Magical Work in Oz

Magical Work in Oz

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Magical Work in Oz

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"

Book One

"The Marvelous Land of Oz"

Book Two

"Ozma of Oz"

Book Three

"Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz"

Book Four

"The Road to Oz"

Book Five

"The Emerald City of Oz"

Book Six


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Magical Work Book Six

Magical Work in
"The Emerald City of Oz"

⁂ Summary

Book six is the culmination of what was to be the end of the series, until additional books were added later. Baum thought that this book would be the end, and so book six has a natual conclusion to the series.

The primary story here is about where we draw our boundaries. The land of Oz is under concerted and organized attack from a host of outside enemies. And, this is where Ozma and the denizens of Oz finally learn about drawing boundaries. This story is the story of edges and limits, and of forming safe community or covens.

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