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Magical Work in Oz

Magical Work in Oz

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Magical Work in Oz

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"

Book One

"The Marvelous Land of Oz"

Book Two

"Ozma of Oz"

Book Three

"Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz"

Book Four

"The Road to Oz"

Book Five

"The Emerald City of Oz"

Book Six


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Magical Work Book Five

Magical Work in
"The Road to Oz"

⁂ Summary

Through the labyrinth, Dorothy returns to Oz. Again not through her own means, Dorothy returns this time by being drawn into a maze of paths. She begins in the center, at a crossroads, of many paths and must find the path that is correct for her to travel. Along the way she meets many extremes, examples of polar opposites, paradoxes, which she must reconcile for herself in order to proceed. In order to proceed, Dorothy experiences inflated and infantile creatures which she must reconcile.

Dorothy also finds that the desire to be good can get in the way of the path. Sometimes the desire to love and be loved causes us to make mistakes, to mispercieve. In order to help ourselves and others, we must be true to ourselves and others. We must be able to be our true selves and we must not make others into what we wish they were but to see things how they are.

She begins in the center hub of many pathways, like spokes on a wheel, but is actually far from the center where she desires to be. This is a story of traveling from a center of confusion to a center of spirit, and thus Dorothy is travelling to Oz through the element of Spirit, of center.

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Unsorted notes

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Unsorted Notes

Unsorted Notes

"The Road to Oz"

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⁂ smart vs dumb

the smart foxes see dumb buttons as clever and give him a clever head, a fox head

the dumb donkeys see clever shaggy man as like them and give him a dumb head, a donkey head

and love causes all kinds of misprision, mistaken judgments of value and identity.

clever vs dumb == monstrous vs infantile == gilded vs rust

these extremes are distractions on the path, but even distractions have purpose and meaning. distractions from the path are what make a journey interesting, after all. When I travel, it's the road-side attractions that I remember, not the road itself.

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⁂ shaggy man

shaggy = tatter coat / rag coat ~ morris dancers?

Even when shaggy man is given a new outfit it is a representation of himself, not an attempt to hide his identity, but to show that self in a new light. Oz, unlike all the previous adventure in this book is not about appearing to be something that we are not, but in enhancing and supporting our true selves.

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⁂ all you need is love

everyone wants to be invited to Ozma's party, everyone wants to be loved.

smart dumb

mortal immortal

loved not loved

alive machine

oz not oz

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⁂ Entering the labyrinth

the many spoked road, center but also labyrinth. introduces the magical work of being lost and a-mazed.

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⁂ From the land of the winkies to emerald city

Coming from the west, place of darkness, and going toward the light in the east is the story of initiation and enlightenment. But, the story ends in the center, not having gone completely into the light. There are things holding D back ...

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⁂ Songs

"To the crossroads I must go, to find a world unseen."
To the Crossroads

To the crossroads I must go 
To find a world unseen 
Fear and wonder will I know 
And be a bridge between 

Come away my human child 
To find the world unseen 
Know the hearth and know the wild 
And be a bridge between 

Come away oh human child 
Come take me by the hand 
To the water and the wild 
Into another land 

You will shed no human tear 
And hear no human cry 
You shall in beauty dwell 
And you will never die

- from W. B. Yeats

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⁂ All stories, all the time

this is the eclectic nature of the tradition. avoiding appropriation, using our own stories, but coming all together. cultural appropriation ...

But all stories have something to say. There are many roads to wisdom. The roads we take are a path over the ground, but they are not the ground itself, just as the map is not the territory. frames, mental models, paradigms ...

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