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Magical Work in Oz

Magical Work in Oz

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Magical Work in Oz

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"

Book One

"The Marvelous Land of Oz"

Book Two

"Ozma of Oz"

Book Three

"Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz"

Book Four

"The Road to Oz"

Book Five

"The Emerald City of Oz"

Book Six


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Magical Work Book Three

Magical Work in
"Ozma of Oz"

⁂ Summary

In book three, Dorothy returns to Oz. Whereas in the first book, Dorothy arrives through the element of Air, this time she arrives through the element of Water. When Dorothy left Oz she lost the Silver Slippers that she would have needed to return by choice. She was exiled from the magical world of Oz.

When she returns, Dorothy is dunked in water, which is a punishment inflicted on woman and used as a way to identify witches. Dorothy is dunked as woman and re-awakens to her magical witch self, perhaps to herself in the role as the Witch of the East, forgotten during her exile from Oz.

This third book is about the way role and masks make us unconscious to our powerful selves. Through this story we hear how pride, power, vanity, & hierarchy out of whack creates difficulty or us on the path. On some level, I was reminded of the story of Inanna and the gifts of civilzation.

When Dorothy leaves Oz, still being connected by responsibility to the mundane world of Kansas, she does not forget her magical self.This time Dorothy stays lucid and returns to Kansas with a way back when she choses. However, her return is not under her own power, but through the power of her friendships in Oz.

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Unsorted notes

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Unsorted Notes

Unsorted Notes

Book 3 is "Ozma of Oz"


⁂ oz-pects of god

The Nome King as ruler of underworld - (is this later?) Come to take the light away, by attacking Oz from the "outside" ... like Hades and Persephone.


⁂ magic formula in Oz

p56 The 3 part left, right, center trope is continued with Tiktok's wind-up mechanism in the 3rd book. (Ozma of Oz, 1907) Tictok's mechanism powers thinking when wound up on the left, speaking on the right right, and walking on the center of his back.

This trope can be interpreted as the Oz equivalent to the Ha prayer of Feri, aligning the parts of the self in order to make magic possible.

p86 used to be three wings, other demolished only the right wing is "left" / right ~ speaking

ruby key on left wrist ~ p94

limits p229 gold belt not work on wood


⁂ Ducking around

At the beginning of book 3 p19, Dorothy makes the trip to Oz through a storm at sea. She in on deck, and hides in a chicken coop which is tossed overboard. So, Dorothy makes the passage back to Oz trapped in a cage and dunked in the water:

ducking quote bk3

Ducking was a punishment that began in medieval times and continued through the 18th century. This was an innovation that used a cucking chair which was then submerged in water, and called ducking, or later dunking.

ducking woodcut

(Click for larger, 190k PNG)

This punishment was primarily reserved for women, and was used as a test to determine if a woman was a witch. So, Dorothy makes her passage back to Oz through a traditional method used to test witches.

D in coop on water @ p21


D arrives via water; was air in 1st book. From air is chthonic, katabistic, coming from consciousness. D is coming back to herself, a re-awakening to the sleeper exiled to KS with the loss of the silver shoes at the end of book 1.

one might expect further journeys to begin in other elements, such as fire & earth. Of course, Ozma's story did begin in earth, the north, in book 2. Perhaps another story begins in center.


toto ~ billina ~ langwidere
animus ~ intellect ~ w/o head

woodman ~ tiktok like, but 2nd not alive (w/o animus)

D is travelling with her intellect. not her animus. She is bringing lucidity into her experience of Oz, through the hen, as, the nomes point out, a connection to the outside (non-fairy) world.

yellow hen @ dawn p24, lays eggs (symbols of outside world) each day.

egg is triple soul (see the woman who something something was not there)

billina is surprisingly well-informed, moreso than D. clearly she's intellect

green carpet ~ yellow brick road p146

hammer man p147 is work of art ~ hammer man in seattle

ozma ~ d identity p163


storyteller voice p91, & c.

who is I that is speaking?

p94 again storytelling voice & breaking 4th wall to audience

p227 storyteller voice again, speaking collectively w/ audience.


Ozma & glinda are wearing the same four petalled necklace in 3rd book

see endcap illo of ozma & illo of glinda @ p267

glinda w/ owls; owls ~ wisdom ~ sophia (drawn by lions, certainly)

glinda w/ ankh & hand (two finger salute?) on wand

is this a tarot card?! what are the two pillars beside the throne? ( other than mercy & severity, w/ glinda as beauty in the middle) - the high priestess card.


⁂ keys & cabinets

gold key to tiktok; diggin up the key @ p35 is the unexpected, from the earth (the place of nomes)

p94 ruby key on left wrist for head cabinets. blood red ruby left ~ thinking


p96 from innocence to truth to power


102 ev is west of Oz & d come via water & west ~ water

BUT wait, when they come back p255, they come through Munchkin land! (and where did the munchkin king come from?)

p106 27 soldiers?

p106 ozma's chariot ~ in a chariot drawn by lions (pp103-) illo on 105

p110 D & Ozma "love her dearly"


⁂ Pride, inferiority, heirarchy

p115 fate / free will?

p123 "lord it over me"

p124 "didn't I do him up brown?" ‽

p124 "associate w/ common" "respectable"

p124 lion: to judge by appearances ...

"royalty?" "better, from KS!"

"raise in US"

~121 lion & tiger have bows in hair, presentable (blue - lion / red - tiger p118)

p127 all officers, important - hierarchy out of whack

p96 indignant

p159 bravery mask

ozma won't plead to nome king p159- "must not command the Nome King..."

p161 shall ozma humble herself?"

p161 dignity

p115 inferior

p142 impatient, important

p165 "king can do no wrong" the wizard mask again!

p168 ozma: make you obey my wishes

We wear masks of self that change the way we think & behave - sometimes we don't stay conscious of how these masks change us, even though they are part of us, we claim the are not

these masks take away our selves & our consciousness, "orthodoxy is unconsciousness" (1984) this is a post-modern religion, this witchcraft is ...

p80 ruined because you've discovered our secret; we have to pretend to prevent attack

p83 vanity - langwidere surrounded by mirrors

p 94 trouble with #17 ~ unconscious to the way mask changes us

p120 tiger resisting nature

p216 billina had the right to feel important!


⁂ fake rulers displaced

the lion, scarecrow and ... well, woodman is still in charge. but the fake rulers D left in place are gone. the puppets of the witch of the west have been deposed!


⁂ Evoldo

evoldo like oz does bad then leaves


⁂ Roquat

Nome King, Roquat of the Rocks

ruler of the underground world (ruler of the unconscious, winter)

p162 good natured and honest

red white green on throne (so why no green in collection‽) p163

nome colour is gray-brown (p163)


10 children ~ sephiroth ~ decagram of Feri

27 warriors? paths on tree?


NLP Trigger @ 267

Dorothy will remain lucid, and creates a trigger to bring her back to Oz at will; unlike last time when she lost the shoes, she leaves the gold belt w/ ozma

"had shoes; lost them" p42


gold belt, entertaining king ~ like inanna and the Me story

p168 make you obey my wishes

p170 too powerful

p172 too great a magician

p172 coaxing, like inanna's & sekhmet's dancing ...

p172 "so kind-hearted"

p196 "not so honest as you pretend" but did he ever actually lie? is this like talk to Baba Yaga?

p203 "cruel ruler of nomes" cruel to some / kind to others but for the same actions. FILTERS

p210 "I always keep my promises, no matter how foolish they are."

p214 bothersome hens ... nome king as patriarchy?

pp216-217 nome king's palace splendid and beautiful in any fairy land ( appearance, but actually dangerous?)

p223 king not treated us honestly / king is villain. Wait. What?

NOW, p225 King distorted with rage

p230 king is parsimonious about agreement


D goes back out of duty @ p268

billina "stupid to go back"



nomes, yes, but also water sprites in illos of boat @ p17


finding tiktok


spiral, & wheelers - round & round, the wheel, the year

hill like fairy mound, approached in a spiral in order to reveal the door

again billina seems so much smarter than D

illo of hill door key @ p51

tiktik is sphere, made of copper - like the sun

tiktok is like Osiris, alive but dead, making D like Isis here.


like the mirror in book 2 @ p70 story of artist & picture of river


p72 "In the Land of Oz," remarked Tiktok, turning toward them, "any-thing is pos-si-ble. For it is a wonderful fairy country."


⁂ History

ozma, jinjur @ p 74

p135 ozma stolen by "wicked witch", reavealed by "kind sorceress" / mombi & glinda not identified‽

p255 the kings of the directions under ozma's rule.

p257 jinjur again, beating up on man / illo of jnjur w/ gen's camp on wall.

p258 youths who don't like to work, go to college


names ozma evna @ p75

p220 evring, & c. Evanna, Evrose, & c.

so Ozma is likely not a title, but her actual name. QED


⁂ language

p139 "gid-dup"


peacock feather in ozma's trinket hat p 181

pp185- billina sleeps under throne, and hears all the good stuff pp191-

p190 d in land of dreams, so this is NOT the land of dreams, QED

p196 why can D have a slave (tiktok) but Nome King is evil is he does?!

p207 eggs poison / belong only on outside world / cosmic egg / egg as symbol of triple soul (yolk/white/shell)


⁂ queer

p250 scarecrow & woodman's bosom.

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