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Dialogue not Debate.
Poetry not Politics.
People not Profits.
Asocial not Antisocial.
Magick not Magic.
Cute but not that Cute.



Arlecchino · Pasquariello · Il Dottore · Il Bagatino · J G Bell · Unbook · Blog

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Do the best you can with what you have for as long as you are able to make one thing better than it was the day before.

I recommend a long, prolonged, derangement of the mise-en-scène

Kittens are like the stem cells of porn

#hack the space you #occupy

Have a dagger, find a Caesar!



The Goats, Squirrels and Octopodes are in Cahoots, and should be presumed Armed and Dangerous!




John Griogair Bell - Arlecchino Malbenvolio

“Clown with a Bad Attitude”

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